“Did you keep your religion?” someone asked me today


I think it was because I’d mentioned that I come from Israel, and he assumed (rightly, as it happens) that I’m Jewish – and then assumed something more… Not that I’m surprised – it’s a very common assumption, and perfectly … Continue reading

The English language is going to the dogs (or maybe not…)


Finally got round to watching this debate. kept feeling like heckling… all those times when people talked about “proper” or “correct” usage when what they really meant was standard English… and so annoyed with the false dichotomy that kept popping … Continue reading

younger, fitter, better?


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Yesterday’s newspaper came with a supplement headed “how to look younger after 50: a man’s guide to defying age”. Today’s supplement is headed “how not to look naff at the gym in 2016”. You can tell it’s a new year … Continue reading