My love affair with hashtags (#itscomplicated)


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I love hashtags. How did I ever live without them? They have become part of my internet language, a totally essential part of the way I communicate with people on social media. But strangely, on the platform where the hashtag … Continue reading

getting what we don’t deserve – good things happening to bad people/bad things happening to good people


Now and again I hear something so mind-blowing in a sermon that I need to write it down while it’s fresh in my mind. So here goes: In Job 42:7-9 you have God’s reaction to these guys who have been … Continue reading

some rambly thoughts about accepting praise from people


This is a rambly “thinking aloud” post. I’ve had thoughts going round in my head ever since I got into a really interesting conversation with a fellow photographer on Google Plus – the guy is clearly an encourager at heart, … Continue reading