Yes, it’s for you!


My husband is English and the way he was brought up, if you’re visiting someone and they put food on the table, you wait politely till they offer it to you. I’m an Israeli and hospitality works differently in my culture – we just put the stuff on the table and expect you, the guest, to understand that we put it there for you, because, well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? :)

I post stuff online and from a recent conversation it turns out that there are people who think it’s not for them, when they are the very people I write it for. This post is for you. Continue reading

I’m part of the problem (and so are you)


Hi, my name is Meirav and I’ve been a human being for fifty four years. That’s how it works, right? The first step? Acknowledging the truth, admitting your weakness, saying out loud: I’m one of those people… I’m part of … Continue reading

This whole being loved and accepted thing


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This is what I tweeted when I got home from church last night. But I feel it’s worth more than 140 characters – because it really is such a wonderful thing! It’s something we all need so very deeply, and … Continue reading

New year – new start?


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Will you be making any new year’s resolutions tonight? Will you promise yourself that in the new year you will get up at 6 every morning and do half an hour’s exercise before going to work? Or that you will eat … Continue reading

The King of Kings is Coming

Here’s a poem I wrote one December after a stressful Christmas Eve shopping trip.

work in progress

The King of Kings is coming
I’m off to buy a tree
and baubles and some tinsel
and some yummy things for tea

The King of Kings is coming
I must get the presents wrapped
Nice perfume for Aunt Mabel
Turkey Whiskas for the cat

The King of Kings is coming
Have I bought enough mince pies?
The shops are closed for one whole day!
Will we have enough supplies?

The King of Kings is coming
It’s time to celebrate
So get one more drink down you
Becaush it’s Chrishmash, mate

The King of Kings is coming
He’s knocking, can’t you hear?
Oh shush, I want to watch this film,
Let’s pretend that we’re not here.

© Meirav M. 2000

(Yes, I wrote this back in December 2000.)

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