“Look at the positive side – you’re alive!” Well, actually…

There’s a computer game I play where you get an extra life for every 100,000 points. I used to get excited about that, but now I’m at the stage of having so many extra lives I know I’m never going to run out, so when there’s an opportunity to sacrifice ammunition for the sake of getting an extra life, I don’t even think about it any more – I know I am going to need that ammunition, and I know that I’m not going to run out of lives.

So, how does this relate to what the policewoman said to me when I had my recent road accident? Continue reading

yes, real

I just wrote a poem about online friendships. In tears.

work in progress

they tell me it’s not real
they say these friendships aren’t the same as
face to face,
meeting for coffee, being in
the same
physical location

and yet
these tears I cry today are real
as are you, the friend who has just…

it is easier to vanish
in the online world

and I will probably never know
what happened
and you, my friend
will never know
what a very real hole you left
in my heart

I wish you well, and I will miss you.

© Meirav M. 2016

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