Yes, it’s for you!


My husband is English and the way he was brought up, if you’re visiting someone and they put food on the table, you wait politely till they offer it to you. I’m an Israeli and hospitality works differently in my culture – we just put the stuff on the table and expect you, the guest, to understand that we put it there for you, because, well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? :)

I post stuff online and from a recent conversation it turns out that there are people who think it’s not for them, when they are the very people I write it for. This post is for you. Continue reading

What’s a nice Jewish girl doing in church?


It’s Sunday today and I’m looking forward to my weekly dose of church. But when people hear I’m Jewish and I go to church, the reaction is sometimes – unsurprisingly – surprise. And I can tell you for sure: if … Continue reading

so what did I mean when I said I had a great time in church?


Just posted this on Google+ and thought I’d put it here too. It’s a conversation with my penguin, but you might like to listen in. (His name is Quentin. He is mostly harmless.) So, Meirav, when you said you had … Continue reading

“Be the change you want to see”, he told me…


Yesterday I got into a brief conversation with some guy on Twitter. (Well, obviously brief, because Twitter.) It started with me living dangerously and retweeting one of his tweets with a comment I was pretty sure he wouldn’t like… His … Continue reading

Confession: I don’t care


Yesterday I came to the end of a long-drawn, frustrating saga and finally got the thing I’d been wanting. I felt so happy! elated! bouncing with joy! and yet… People have sometimes called me kind, caring, compassionate – but how … Continue reading