Here’s another example

This is kind of connected to the sort of things I was talking about in this post.

Yesterday was a very grey day here. I was indoors until late afternoon, as we had arranged to meet my sister-in-law in the evening (she’s on a visit from Australia – a rare treat for me as she and I get on so well!) and I’d been taking things gently, enjoying some time with the Saturday paper, solving a Killer SuDoku, chatting a bit here on Multiply, that sort of thing… at 5.30 it was time to go and meet her. At that point I was feeling, to use the precise clinical term, blah…

I was feeling drowsy because of the grey weather, and all I wanted was to stay in, curl up with a book and pretend I’m a dormouse. We had booked a table in a nice pub for dinner, but the plan was that if the weather permits we would go for a walk in a park nearby before heading for the pub. When my husband mentioned the walk-in-the-park idea as we were driving there, my response was not very enthusiastic, to put it mildly… in fact, the last thing I felt like doing was going for a walk in the park.

That’s where, if I’d have gone with my feelings, I could have just sunk lower and lower. This is one of those points when depression tries to drag me down, and going with the low feeling could have started one of those downward spirals – I’ve been there, and the way back up is very tough.

But on this occasion I wasn’t left to my own devices  – my husband and his sister are both very outdoorsy people and it would take much more than a few grey clouds to get them to give up on a walk in the park… and wow, I so enjoyed that walk! in fact, as soon as we were out of the car and in the fresh air, my mood started to lift, and by the time we had walked around for… don’t know, at least half an hour… seen the pond, said hello to lots of deer… that low feeling was totally gone!

I’m not suggesting that this is a magic trick that will always work – obviously if you’ve got severe depression, a walk in the park might not even begin to scratch the surface of what you’re going through – but yesterday’s experience was a reminder for me that sometimes I need to fight the urge to curl up indoors and go get some fresh air instead.

12 thoughts on “Here’s another example

  1. yes. standing in the middle of a summer hail storm once gave me that same cathartic release.i am so glad you got to have that wonderful experience with your sister-in-law. praise God for pushiness.

    **not saying your DH and SIL are pushy, as i don't know them, just saying it was good they got their way in that moment. : )


  2. I've been in the deep blue mud for days and even my daily walk isn't getting me out of it. But today I had to walk against a 90KPH wind blowing me in the face (it didn't seem as strong at the house!) and it was kind of cathartic; It was so tough walking into that wind that it made me cry – and that cleared the blue mud a little.


  3. I thought you were a bit quiet…What an amazing cathartic experience – you just never know what is going to do it, do you… what might just push the right button to get stuff out!


  4. snow – no, my husband and lovely sister-in-law are lovely and gentle people, not pushy at all, and I'm sure if I had said I definitely don't want a walk, they wouldn't have dragged me along kicking and screaming :-)

    hilly – go on, have a snap or two, it might cheer you up :-)


  5. I thought you were a bit quiet…it's either quiet or snappish at the moment so I'm opting for quiet. I have a lot of things to deal with and I'm writing a story that has hit page 80 and still travelling at 200mph with me hanging on for dear life trying to get the words out.


  6. Oh, I soooo understand that! Congrats on the runaway burst of creativity, though. Meirav, I know what you mean – I tend to be a stick in the mud too much myself. Walking very far isn't really an option for me right now, but I have always enjoyed drives out in the country. Maybe I should do that once in a while, but not too often, considering gas prices. :-/


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