44 thoughts on “funny how people come to your site just to insult you. *shrug*

  1. If it is the most recent entry you are referring to, I paid a little visit to his page. His page has three out of three of my top three pet peeves re Multiply pages: 1) Music which plays automatically, 2) Music which plays automatically and LOUD; and 3) Music which plays automatically and loud and the "off" button isn't readily available.Not much of a page, I'd say.


  2. lol… thanks for the support, it's nice to be able to moan to a bunch of friends! it wasn't a big deal, I just needed to say it, that's all.and yes, loud music that plays automatically is pretty high on my grrrr rating too, which is why I've got into the habit of putting my speakers on mute before visiting the page of anyone I don't know.


  3. helping in the support groups is a bit like housework – people hardly ever notice the stuff you've actually done, but are very quick to point out that dusty corner you missed…also, they often shoot the messenger – you tell them sorry but no, it's not possible to do x, they start yelling at you as if it's your fault. you tell them there's a great tutorial somewhere and even give them a link, they yell at you because *shudder* you're asking them to go to the trouble of clicking a link and *gasp* reading stuff.don't get me started :-)


  4. i know what you mean. i left. i'm no longer a member of the group, yet on the rare occasion i'm there (which is more frequent lately since the upgrade), i still manage, despite a bit of frustration at time, to stop to help someone out. there's just no explaining it.


  5. I don't even think about muting my speakers because so few people I have encountered are rude enough to do it. I understand that people enjoy music and they want to play it on their blog, but why can't THEY just click to turn the music on instead of blasting everything who clicks on their page?Okay, I'm not going to say any more…point made. That doesn't mean there isn't more I would like to say, though. LOL But I know I'm preaching to the choir.


  6. part of the joy of helping people in the support groups is that I often visit strangers' sites in an attempt to work out what's gone wrong. so putting speakers on mute has become pretty reflex :-)


  7. Ah, that makes sense. I probably visit strangers' sites maybe once or twice a month, if that often.Since we're talking about technical support…I don't have any idea what kind of keywords I would use for a search on this topic. Is there any way to set your blog so that if you type the title and then hit "enter" instead of "tab," it doesn't automatically post? I would be happy to read about it on one of the help sites, if you could kindly point me in the right direction. As I said, I can't even think of any keywords which wouldn't give me dozens if not hundreds of nonrelated results.And as you may have noticed, I've had that problem several times lately, when I'm just not paying attention to what I'm doing. Silly me.


  8. Maybe I should go to MUDS…it seems that if hitting "enter" in the title took you to the body of the blog, that would prevent anyone from having a line break in the title. And I'm glad you mentioned the thing about HTML in Notes. I was thinking about putting a link there, and I suppose people could C&P, but I usually try to make links clickable when possible.


  9. Yep. Several times over the past month or so, I have accidentally hit "enter" after typing in the title and sent out a blank blog. It won't let you post a blog without a title – why does it let you post a title without a blog? Harumph!


  10. We removed the minipop features for pm'ing from user support and MD. So they chased you down instead. I'm so sorry. People wonder why we are sometimes matter of fact (thus they think we are rude because we haven't smiley faced the heck out of every comment). It's because either we were just insulted and beat up, or we know we are getting ready to be. So we keep our emotional distance.


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