End of British Summer Time…

Start:      Oct 25, ’09 02:00a

clocks go back. goodbye light evenings, hello dark afternoons.

19 thoughts on “End of British Summer Time…

  1. Great for writing and such things though………………………Might try putting the Saurian Towers Saga down on paper once things get really dark. Clarence has promised to give the the low-down on his family, black crocodiles and all.Still, at least the dogs get a walk in the light in the mornings, but I do know what you mean. I mean, dusk at 3.30 by the turn of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I've read and heard lots of explanations and justifcations for this practice of changing our clocks twice a year, but none of them make sense to me. You've still, really, got about 24 hours a day, and you don't gain anything by altering the clocks. It seems. to me, like altering the thermometer when you feel too hot or too cold.


  3. lol… I'm with you in the confuddlement, Robert, I have absolutely no idea how this system is supposed to be helpful, all it does is confuse me four times a year. yes, four – twice a year when the clocks change here in the UK and I have to work out which way they're going, and twice a year when the clocks change in Israel and I have to work out if the time difference goes from two hours to three or to one hour.


  4. I always remember it's "Spring forward" and "Fall back" ..but that seems more like my attempt to get out of bed when it's cold, wet, damp, foggy, rainy, dark, muggy, [and all the other words to describe the British Summer.]


  5. I always remember Michael Flanders' comments about our climate. He and Donald Swann had just spent 6 weeks out in Australia in their winter (Jul/Aug) and said "I have often been told that the Australians have their winters at a different time from us. This is totally untrue. They have winter in August, just like we do……"


  6. So all this chat about changing clocks and guess what?Well first of all, everyone goes to bed Saturday night …youngest boy wakes pretty early .. off goes daddy and specific boy downstairs for breakfast. Soon after, older boy and little girl decide to come down too. Nice breakfast, get dressed, off we go for Cheder [kiddies Hebrew classes 20 minutes away.]On arrival Rabbi very pleased – "Oh, good, Gerry, we can start prayers .. " [I made up the traditional 10 men "minyan" ..Yes, of course I was an hour early .. we didn't change our clocks!Which was rather good because I was able to join in the morning prayers time at synagogue.Nice start to the day..Kiddies were happy to play with some of the toys for an extra hour… I was happy to have that extra hour …


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