some reasons why I think facebook is blah

having been on facebook for about a fortnight now and been holding my tongue and behaving myself, I finally got to the point now of posting this status update:

ok, I’ve really tried to avoid saying this, but I’ve got to get this off my chest: Facebook news feed absolutely sucks. there, I feel better now.

what prompted this outburst, you ask? I had posted a photo album one day last week, when I was feeling creative enough to explore how to post photos there (not quite as straightforward as here, but I managed in the end), and it was only today, by accident, that I discovered that someone had responded to it. how did I discover that? because I happened to go to this person’s page (wall? give me a break…) and saw on her list that on 29 October she “liked” meirav’s photo…

not only did this never show up in my news feed, it never even showed up on my wall (ok, it’s a stupid name but there you go) – I’m so used to the Multiply Inbox, where I can see everything that I need to see all in one place – comments on my posts, contacts’ posts, group posts, you name it and it’s there – but in fb I have to keep running around from one place to another or I can miss that someone has noticed my photo!!!


(and of course you can’t use html there, and you can’t post something for just a certain bunch of friends or just family or all those things we take for granted here… but I’ll stop here.)

edit: and you can’t edit your comments there… blah…

30 thoughts on “some reasons why I think facebook is blah

  1. if she had added a comment, you might have gotten an email alert about it (depending on how your preferences are set up). that's how i generally know when someone has commented on something i've posted there. but for whatever reason, when someone "like"s a post, there is no alert for it so you'll never know they've done it unless you go back and reread through your old posts.


  2. I hate the applications. While there are some that are useful, most of them are useless and they clutter the friends feed. I've added some guys from work there and they were using the "Mafia Wars". I've counted about 12 out of 15 posts in the feed with that app. Things like "XYXYXYX found a Halloween secret place" Seriously, how can it be any useful to me? It seems like spam instead.


  3. yes, Ela, normally it does, I've had notifications for someone liking my status update for example. but when you liked one of my photos, I didn't get anything. only saw it on your wall today…


  4. you can hide them, but if another game becomes popular, it will start showing up in your feed until you hide it. this is especially bad with quizzes. if a contact takes the "which alien race are you?" quiz and i hide that, then they take the "which 80's television character are you" quiz i'll then have to hide that one as well. so instead of hiding every type of quiz, you have to hide each different type as they come up. pain in the rear.


  5. it shows up under the post, but it doesn't pop that post to the top of the feed so that you know there is something new there and it doesn't generate an email alert so that you know there is something new there. so if it has scrolled down off your feed page, then you may never know to go back and see that someone has liked something you've posted.


  6. oh yes, it shows under the post, but there's also the Notifications thing that pops in the corner and normally that includes stuff like "so-and-so liked your status".but I'm sure this one never showed in my Notifications.(of course it may just be a glitch, and if that was Multiply I'd have reported it and asked them to fix it, but I'm totally not expecting this level of service over there…)


  7. you see, that's what I meant – there are so many different places to keep an eye on there, some stuff you only see in your news feed, some only shows in live feed, some shows in notifications, some shows in your profile – all so bitty and confusing! makes me appreciate Multiply so much more :)


  8. it depends on how people set up their news feed too. some people may have it so that things they do don't get sent to the news feed. i know i have it so that only status updates get sent to the news feed and nothing else. no wall-to-wall posts or anything like that. you can change what gets sent to the news feed for privacy purposes. and you CAN post certain things to certain people. don't remember if it's all-or-nothing or if you can do it post-by-post now, but i do know they've made a lot of changes recently.but it is still blah because no editing and no HTML. and not nearly the flexibility as Multiply has.oh, and unlike Multiply that will store your inbox posts indefinitely, FB decides when a news feed or wall post is expired. if i haven't gone to FB in a while, it'll tell me after a certain amount of posts that there are no new posts, but if i go to a person's "wall", i'll see posts that i missed that would normally be in the news feed if they didn't expire.


  9. actually, when the post is a photo album, the only stuff that shows up under the post is comments/likes applying to the whole album – not a response to a specific photo in that album. so even though Ela "liked" one of my photos, if I scroll down in my news feed to the photo album I posted, I don't see that she did.


  10. okay, when I first read this comment I had no idea what you might be talking about. posting certain things to certain people? but then I found it – yes, there is a Notes feature on fb, and in a Note you have total flexibility, you can choose certain individuals, you can choose a list, it's nearly as good as Multiply!they certainly have made some progress there since the first time I tried it. it's still not anywhere near the level we take for granted here, but it is now something I can live with without incessant groaning… (just the odd whinge now and again…)now, if anyone manages to figure out what the difference is between "news feed" and "live feed"….


  11. the live feed bit is easy. it's essentially the same as your 2nd pane in multiply when using panorama view. it's a self-updating list of new posts by friends on FB. the news feed is a bit trickier. as far as i can figure, it's a random, non-chronological listing of some of the posts your contacts have made. i have no idea what the criteria is for what makes it to the feed and what doesn't, nor why it's in the order it is. but it's essentially a great way to miss out on things that people have posted. the far right column also seems to be a random assortment of things that you've shown no interest in. i can't figure out how they decide what to put there either.


  12. rofl at your description of the news feed, Meg. "a random, non-chronological listing of some of the posts your contacts have made… a great way to miss out on things that people have posted."may I quote you? I feel like this deserves to go on a status update :P


  13. I can't figure out what News Feed is for too. Facebook has it's unique strength just as Multiply has it's own unique strengths too… but although I have less people in my multiply, I've got deeper friendship here. Amazing isn't it? I dunno…. I'm just able to share deeper things here than in FB.


  14. Spot on Meirav. I couldn't find the words to construct it but you said it all. Fb is like a tool to keep in touch. A lot like touch and go. You make connections and stay connected. Nothing deep. But I really can share my thoughts and joy and fear and … stuff on multiply.


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