why do so many people just not get what it means to post publicly on the internet?

again and again this comes up at muds or user support and it drives me up the wall. people post “for everyone” and for some reason they seem to think that this doesn’t actually include everyone in the whole universe.

it’s come up when talking about the “fan” suggestion – oh, some say, but that means other people will be able to see my [public] posts in their inbox. well, duh, don’t post anything publicly that you don’t want strangers to see, because, guess what, they already can!

and now it’s come up again when discussing a suggestion to make it easier to share [public] posts on twitter and facebook – people voicing discomfort about the idea that someone would tweet their [public] posts. well, duh, people already can! the suggestion is just to make it easier to do something that is already possible.

what am I missing?

3 thoughts on “why do so many people just not get what it means to post publicly on the internet?

  1. I can see where some members might assume 'everyone' might be strictly Multiply members 'everyone', not grasping that 'everyone' goes beyond just Multiply. But it's all about people not doing any homework to know what exactly 'everyone' means and how to limit views to just strictly Multiply members only/contacts/network.Then again, some people don't use their brain for much ???


  2. i think more than anything it's a "if i don't see it, then i don't even realize it's going on" sort of thing. i think that when people use facebook or wordpress or typepad or whatever, they can't see who's viewing their site. they might have a hit counter, but they don't see faces or links to profiles or any of that. and since they can't SEE that so and so would be using a nasty avatar if they could, then they don't know that THAT kind of person has been to their site. but on multiply you actually see some of those things that you don't expect to Because You Can. and that's really been an eye opener for me. so when it comes to "everyone" seeing your content, i think the idea is similar. since i might only SEE friends smiling faces in the viewing history, then i just plain don't think about the fact that other people might also be viewing the page but since they're not multiply members i'm just not Seeing them there. know what i mean? i think it's something that we all do. we just, sometimes, need someone to open our eyes to it. and sometimes we're soooo in our little thought path that even when they show us it's hard for us to get it.


  3. meirav saidwhy do so many people just not get what it means to post publicly on the internet? … people post "for everyone" and for some reason they seem to think that this doesn't actually include everyone in the whole universe.you are so right. people just don't realize privacy permissions are already in their power, and Multiply is not liable if everyone can see what they have submitted publicly. i never could understand why some people can't comprehend that the second we hit the submit button, we are granting Multiply permission to publish our original work to whomever we choose as per the terms of service to which we agree. therefore, if we choose to grant permission to publish our work to everyone [who has internet access], it is we, not Multiply, who are giving up any rights to privacy by choosing to publish our works publicly. so if some psycho-stalking maniac sees what we have written because we chose "everyone," we simply cannot hold Multiply accountable. it doesn't matter what their thought process might or might not be. it's just not reasonable.


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