4 thoughts on “Loved this sign!

  1. they're much more concerned about off-leash dogs here than they are about poop. the first ticket is $30, i think. the second is $100. but £1000 for an ignored poop!!! that seems a bit over the top if you ask me.


  2. yes, £1,000 is a huge amount. but it does say "up to" so I guess it's probably a lot less normally, just a huge maximum amount to scare people. it is a big problem in some areas. (I don't think the brits have rules about dogs having to be kept on a leash, though I may be wrong.)


  3. oh yea here it's totally the leash thing. but if you lived by dogs we had as neighbors (til their owners moved) you'd want them on a leash (or pen) too. they were scary. one of them would sneak up behind you and then start barking at you when you turned around….our chihuahua is just the right size dog for me….


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