well, that’s one way of doing it :)

Susannah Wesley had 19 children. When she needed some time to pray, she put her apron over her head as a sign that she was not to be disturbed.

(from an article by Sarah Wynter in the recent issue of Christianity Magazine)

6 thoughts on “well, that’s one way of doing it :)

  1. wow. just googled her – they did have large families back then, apparently she came from a family of 25! but then there was also such a high rate of infant mortality – out of the 19 she had, she lost 9. such different times!


  2. I was given a prayer shawl by an Israeli friend. She said that when I pray, it is useful to wrap myself with it … symbolising the fact that I'm separating myself from the world. It becomes sort of a bubble where there's just God and me. Honestly, I never use the shawl because I don't want it soiled or dirtied. It's a gift I treasure… but it certainly help using a towel or blanket…. or locking myself in the bathroom.


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