3 thoughts on “oy vey :)

  1. at firt I thought that this must be the CS at onlinehebergement.net I had a site hosted with them for 5 years but suddenly they changed the webmaster access and put up their price too.I decided to transfer it to Bravenet (free). Bravenet gave me all the info I needed and I followed their instructions. Bravenet have been 'holding my hand' all through the transfer; the same person answers my ticket and tells me what I need to know from onlinehebergement.(OH)OH don't answer. OH have f***d up one of the references. OH doesn't even answer a registered letter (I had the delivery notice, I know they got itthe site is transferred to Bravenet but not accessible because OH have screwed up (and don't answer support tickets)OH keeps asking me to renew the hosting fee…but when I click on the website it says that it is no longer there!Like I said, I thought this was OH – then the guy answered the client!


  2. so far Bravenet is being ultrahelpful but until Oh is I'm going nuts. spoke to the website geek at the local tourist office (because my website is linked from them) and when I told her I was with OH she said 'heard that before'; I'm going to start badmouthing them t the International herald Tribune's personal tech page!


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