“the grouches pull you down”

had one of those inspiring powerpoint thingummies on the email – you know the ones – pretty pictures and bits of text that sounds like sage advice, and some of it is but some of it isn’t, and if you’re not careful you just absorb it all amongst the pretty scenery.

amongst the advice about how to keep young, some of which was lovely, there was this bit:

Keep only cheerful friends – the grouches pull you down.

and I’m wondering – if everyone were to follow this advice, who would be left to show love to the grouches? who would be there to help lift their spirits? if everyone followed this advice, I would have remained a grouch forever.

so no, don’t keep only cheerful friends – don’t be so selfish. take some of the joy you have and go share it with the nearest grouch. they need it.

6 thoughts on ““the grouches pull you down”

  1. i don't know if the israeli version had a grouch. but the american version had a green grouch that lived in a trash can and sang several memorable songs such as, "i love trash" and "i hate christmas." and everyone still thought he was adorable and put up with his shenanigans, although once in awhile they'd try to convince him that he was seeing the world all backwards. hmmm, maybe they had him there as an "opposite" sort of guy.


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