Confessions of a blogaholic :)

“how many blogs do you have now?” Meg asked when I posted the link to my new Church Laundry blog.

the thing is, on WordPress it’s so easy to set up new blogs… and they’ve got these really cool themes and widgets and…

but putting aside the creative fun element, there is also the issue of sharing my thoughts in different settings, having some blogs that are more specific in their content so that people who are interested in just that subject will be more likely to read. here on Multiply my blog is very pick-n-mix, it’s me being myself and throwing onto the screen my thoughts and feelings about pretty much anything, and obviously there are people who like this sort of thing but there are also people who are perhaps more busy and/or more focused and are not inclined to waste time on some kind of eclectic mix of this and that. ok, there are tags here which can help you look for just the stuff you’re interested in, but my tag list is pretty long…

so, how many blogs do I have now? there’s my Multiply pick-n-mix blog (my very first blog ever! started it without even knowing what blogging was…); there’s my Blogger blogs, where I’ve mostly cross-posted stuff from here, but also set up a page specifically telling people the Gospel message in my own words; there’s my Israeli blog on Tapuz (an Israeli blogging platform) which is a bit pick-n-mix too; there’s my WordPress blog in Hebrew about stuff to do with words and language (plus an extra one for thoughts on other subjects); and now there’s my WordPress blog in English which I’ve called “church laundry” (plus the little satellite where I chat to myself about other stuff). and there’s the secret WordPress one, which I set up when I desperately needed to offload stuff in a totally anonymous setting.

Multiply is where I landed to start with and liked it and got used to it and it feels like my home on the web. Blogger is a platform I came across through a friend’s blog and so I tried it for myself. It’s ok, it does the job, but somehow it doesn’t thrill me in any way. Tapuz is a specifically Israeli blogging platform, where people mostly blog in Hebrew, and though it is very clunky in lots of ways, it is very good for getting exposure amongst my fellow Israelis. WordPress, however, is pretty wonderful for blogging. And one of the cool things there is that you can easily set up separate blogs for separate purposes – to achieve the equivalent here on Multiply you’d have to either set up a group, or sign up for a whole separate account. But then Multiply was created for a different purpose, it’s not specifically a blogging platform but a social networking site, so the idea was that it would mimic real life relationships – each person with an account representing them and not a whole load of different ones.

(which takes me back to a conversation I had with my niece recently, where we got to talking about the meaning of the term “user” in the context of “user name” or “user ID” – I started out saying that “user” in that context is the person, but then she pointed out that one person can have a whole load of user names… and I thought about my virtual penguin, who has his own account here on Multiply… so I don’t know.)

p.s. two specific things that are missing for me here as a blogger and that make wordpress more attractive: (1) here you have to have a Multiply account to be able to comment, whereas there I’m free to set it the way I want – if I want to allow non-WP people to comment, that’s my call (2) here if you want to keep up to date with my posts you have to either be my contact, or use rss feed; the trouble is, I don’t really want to add total strangers as contacts just so they can keep up with my posts, because it gives them access to private stuff; whereas on WP you can sign up for a subscription and it’s not a mutal relationship. (those of us who frequent the muds group know what I mean…)

8 thoughts on “Confessions of a blogaholic :)

  1. p.s. a little technical tip for people who suffer from online schizophrenia:I set up two separate WordPress identities for Hebrew and English, and to save having to keep logging out and logging in I'm using one of them in Firefox and one in Chrome.


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