Conversations – Part II

I posted recently about group conversations where people don’t show that they’re hearing one another. But there is something else that I find happens to me with certain people, and I just wonder: is it just me?

It goes something like this:
me: …….. …….. ……………….. ………. ……………. ………….. ……….. so I think X is probably around 5.
other person: But we know that …….. ……………. …………. ……………… ………….., which means X can’t be less than 4 and it can’t go up as far as 6.
me: but that’s what I just said………..
sometimes I don’t say it, I just think it – just sit there wondering: am I talking Chinese? and wishing I had a recording of the conversation so that I could go back and see exactly what I had said, and what the other person might have misunderstood. because it really baffles me.

9 thoughts on “Conversations – Part II

  1. "unless you say it the way i would say it you must be inherently wrong. " or "if i don't state something for myself, only agree with what you have said, then i have no validity."not just you – happens all the time. i come from a family of them.


  2. you know, I think that might be it. I'm phrasing it in a different way to how he would phrase it, not repeating the party line parrot-fashion. I'm daring to *gasp* use my own words :)


  3. I'd generally answer that by saying: "You are correct. That's why I said it was around five." The next time that person did it (providing it's not Tex), I'd ignore the person and proceed to the next step that it being "around five" leads to.(Trying chewing that sentence with your teeth out).


  4. Fang used to do it to me all the time and it would frustrate me. Once in a while I can deal with but all the time ? grrrrrrrrrowls. He would just look at me and say 'what?' and I would ask "isn't that what I just said?". Ohh, I wasn't listening. Figures, it's only me. So if someone else does that to me (which doesn't happen too often, thank goodness), I do wonder if they were listening or do I talk about stuff that people aren't remotely interested in and tuned me out long before that parrot thing happened lol


  5. Cad – I kinda like your approach but in the particular case I have in mind, I can't do anything remotely like that. I've gone as far as saying "yes, that's what I was saying" and in terms of cheekiness levels in that situation I think that's all I can do.Patti – yes, once in a while is not too bad but if someone does it all the time… growl…


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