Why I don’t think I can computerise my to do list

have just posted about this there – a bit of a follow-on from my recent post about getting things done.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t think I can computerise my to do list

  1. once upon a time i thought i would be ever so clever and computerise my grocery shopping list (in the order in which items were stocked in my market) and my "errands to run" list. it led to my computerising my weekly menu. i kept at it for almost 6 months before it finally drove me to the brink. funny, but the thing that brought it crashing down in the end was the steps it would take to insert an item that occurred to me later into the list – placing it at the bottom of the list would then have it out of sync with my progression through the store or i'd be out running my errands and remember something/someplace else i had to stop and there was no way (in my car) to insert it into my list short of writing it there.looking at the recitation here it sounds so petty but it made my need to be orderly sufficiently burdensome that i returned to writing everything out by hand. a beneficial side to that was in the brain/eye/hand process of actually writing a list i would think more sequentially and actually have fewer corrections/insertions to make.funny the way we are put together.


  2. yes, something happens in the process of writing something down by hand – something that's different to whatever it is that happens in the process of typing.humans are peculiar creatures :)


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