so which site do I prefer

A friend asked me which of all the sites I’ve joined I prefer, and I thought I might as well copy&paste my reply into a post for others:

depends what you use it for – I like Multiply best for the stuff that Multiply is really good for, which is real personal interaction, being able to go really deep (whilst also being able to do silliness as well), also being able to get to know people easily through groups (which is where I met several people who have become my friends over time, about half my contacts list is people I met through groups). the Multiply inbox is a wonderful tool, really helpful for keeping up to date with the stuff you want to, and you can find old posts here too – unlike Facebook where it’s nearly impossible to find anything that’s older than last week or so. The tag system also helps so much with that. And being able to design our own sites according to our personal preferences, so when you visit someone’s site it feels like you’re a guest in their home.

so there is a lot I like about Multiply. but for blogging I think WordPress is wonderful and Multiply is just kind of ok. and for a lighter kind of social networking I think Google+ is fantastic – or it will be once more people join. I have been on Facebook for a few years but only because there’s a whole bunch of people I want to keep in touch with and they hang out on FB – I think FB is pretty abysmal and when I heard about Google+ coming out I was keen to check it out because I detest FB so much… and from what I’m seeing so far (it is still in Beta so not the final product yet) they are doing most of the FB stuff but doing it way way way way better… and they are showing a huge level of sensitivity to privacy concerns – unlike Mark “privacy is so last year” Zuckerberg…

so right now I’m really enjoying checking G+ out and I’m really hoping lots of people will join. It will not replace Multiply – it’s not set up for the same purpose – but for those people who prefer their social networking more fb-style, this can be a fantastic alternative.
have you joined Google+ yet? yes, it’s by invitation only at this stage but if I know you I’d be happy to send you an invitation. just PM me your email address if I don’t have it yet.

31 thoughts on “so which site do I prefer

  1. it's not really for blogging at all. it's a lot like facebook in that it's a place for putting status updates and links to other stuff. you can share photos and videos as well. (at least, i think you can share videos. i haven't uploaded one there yet.) but it has some features that make it better than facebook. and the stuff it doesn't have yet is at least in the works.


  2. our full name shows everywhere, that's the one thing Google insist on. which is why, just like on Facebook, I don't use my real surname there. Berale is a nickname I made up for myself, it's the yiddish word for "snail".


  3. i think it tends to appeal to artsy, craftsy, musical, funky types. (how's that for a description?) in tumblr you can find a post you like and reshare it really easily. and the original attribution sticks with the post no matter how many times it's shared. so you can become "big" by getting a lot of people to share your stuff. the same capability is on G+.


  4. I finally figured out why it struck me as being like FB … I was going through the links at a group here and one of the comments from a non Google+ member at one of the links said how she thought it would be great, being a Google product, that it would have Themes, and I thought 'THAT'S IT'. It's the whiteness of G+. It needs a bit of color to it, such as we can do with our gmail accounts.


  5. That's one thing I do like about it .. just that alone makes it worth it … the idea that I can put my ex in a Circle and not show him posts that I would share with you. I can distinguish who gets to see what. Niiice.


  6. ok Hilly, I think I've managed to invite you but not sure as it was doing some weird things… so check out your gmail and see if you've got anything from Google+ or not. Hopefully you should have something saying Meirav Berale has added you or invited you or something.


  7. Even if was an option around the edges, leaving it white in the center. Similar to what I did with my gmail account. But don't know that I would go all-out black like I have here at the moment. lol Thought I would check out one of the new ones .. Blackout .. just tweaked it a little (gotta be me and do that lol)


  8. i'm using an extension that makes each post stand out separately so they don't run all together. and i think it's adding white space around the edges. since there's a facebook app that adds themes around the edges like that, i suspect it will be coming to G+ soon as well.


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