introverts’ nightmare

you know the cocktail party thing, where people flutter from one two-minute conversation to another and never say anything remotely meaningful?

husband & I just got invited to something even worse: a pre-lunch drinks party. i.e. not only having to make polite meaningless chitchat with a whole bunch of strangers, but having to do it at noon. and we’re both night owls. I just don’t do social interaction that time of day.

5 thoughts on “introverts’ nightmare

  1. lol… going to practise eating crisps and glaring :)seriously, we've declined the invitation.wondering how an extrovert would feel if we invited them to come and sit in silence for half an hour and enjoy the peace :)


  2. bwa ha ha!!!!!i took the kids to the river yesterday and was hoping to sit in the sun, letting the water run over my feet, while i sat on the shore and read the paper. but there was a guy there who was searching for dropped items. (he's found beer bottles, sun glasses, coolers, etc.) and the only time he shut up was when he was under water. (and for all i know he was talking to the fishes the whole time he was under.) the moment he came up he was trying to engage me or someone else on shore in chatter about water and rocks and finding stuff and… whatever popped into his head. sometimes hanging out around extraverts is like hanging out around second hand smoke. you can't really ignore it, you just have to walk away.


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