yikes. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of hate some people are capable of spewing allegedly in the name of the Christian faith. What Bible do these people read? Have they got all the bits about God loving people crossed out? And that stuff about not judging others? Or… hey… how about this one: love your neighbour as yourself – funny, I’m pretty sure it was Jesus who said that.


10 thoughts on “Yikes

  1. Meirav you make the assumption that these people do read the bible (any version)….what they do is listen to someone else's hate-filled variation on it and accept it without thought…which is hardly surprising because thinking would overload their brains that are already working overtime to keep them breathing and/or moving/eating at the same time


  2. you may be right… hadn't crossed my mind – I'm used to pastors who encourage people to read it for themselves and to think for themselves, not to follow them like blinkered sheep. (can a sheep be blinkered? or is that just horses? never mind, I like mixing metaphors.)


  3. Well I hate to tell you this but who refers to themselves as the 'flock'…I guess some sheep are capable of finding a path without the dog biting their heels


  4. I have no problem referring to myself as part of the flock, and the pastor is supposed to be shepherding us, that's his job. But there are different ways of doing that, and I think a good pastor encourages people to read the Bible and to think and to listen to God themselves, to develop our relationship with God so that we're not dependant on the pastor for everything – remembering that the pastor is only human and capable of getting things wrong too. Now and again a pastor's job will include biting at our heels, getting us back on track if we've gone the wrong way, I'd expect him to, it's part of his responsibility. But a good pastor won't expect me to take every word he says as God's truth without checking it, a good pastor would be happy for me to ask where in the Bible he got xyz from – unlike some guy I met once (who said he was a pastor somewhere) who told me some very obvious rubbish and claimed the Bible said so and when I asked where, he got cross and said: do you do that to your pastor at your church? I said of course I would, my pastor back home taught us to listen to his sermons with the Bible open and keep checking that what he was saying really was in there.


  5. bwa ha ha! are you joking or do you really mean that? if you weren't joking, it's still funny. ;-)the bereans searched the scriptures to make sure what paul and silas said was true.


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