*sigh* it seems like every time I go onto Facebook there is some form of emotional blackmail going on.

Either I’m supposed to show my respect to all people with cancer by copying&pasting a message, or declare how wonderful my husband is, or – oh yes, the latest was to show my dedication to Jesus by proudly copy&pasting this bit of emotional blackmail so that other friends would feel pressurised too… *end of eyeroll*

18 thoughts on “*sigh* it seems like every time I go onto Facebook there is some form of emotional blackmail going on.

  1. here's one that my pastor posted:WARNING, PLEASE READ – I don't usually re-post these but…If someone comes to your front door, and asks you to remove your clothes, and dance in your front yard with your arms in the air.. DO NOT do this, it is a scam!! They just want to see you naked.Please copy and post this to your status — I wish I had received this yesterday…. I feel so stupid now…. (my friend, Dan, made me repost this)


  2. you forgot the icky little pictures made with the punctuation keys….Meg I got that one from a friend by e-mail and the temptation it on the walls of all those who send the ick-stuff was almost too much for me


  3. yes, I've done that sometimes with emails, and I think I've even done it with one of those fb status thingies.this particular one annoyed me more than usual though… I'll copy&paste it onto here, I bet you'll see why I got so annoyed:Just in case there is any doubt out there: I believe in Jesus Christ. One Facebooker has challenged all believers to put this on their wall. The bible says, if you deny Me in front of your peers, I will deny you in front of My Father. This is a simple test. If you are not afraid to show it, re-post this. I proudly did.


  4. but here are some clues anyway:on my profile info on fb I've stated clearly what my faith is. so, does someone want to say that in order to prove my allegiance I also have to state it on my status update every time someone says so? and if I don't, they reckon that counts as denying him? even though I've put it in black and white on my profile info?and anyway, there's a massive difference between (1) denying him (as in "I don't know that man") and (2) not mentioning him every two seconds. and I don't see that stating your faith on Facebook is something each and every Christian has to do "or else". If you claim to be a Christian and put something totally different under religion then that's a different ballgame, but if you leave it blank then that's not denying him.and some people have good reasons why they need to keep quiet about it. not everyone is in a culture in which it's acceptable to say you're a Christian. so people have to be wise and discerning, speak up when it's important but not take unnecessary risks. It's very easy for an English person living in the West to play these games, it doesn't cost them anything. so if you're someone who isn't risking anything by stating your faith through a stupid copy&paste status on Facebook, how dare you preach to others about this?oh, and did he say "in front of your peers"? I thought it was "before men", i.e. people in general.anyway, my point is: that stuff about denying him in front of people is actually something that for some people comes with a huge price, so I'm angry at what seems to me a flippant, arrogant, insensitive statement which ignores the high cost some people pay for really not denying him, the painful tests some believers around the world have to face. when someone points a gun at you and tells you to deny Jesus or they'll shoot you, that's a test. when someone says "go on, I dare you to post this stuff on Facebook" that's just ************** … words fail me.


  5. Back in the past there were 'card carrying Communists' and 'card carrying union members'. I've always defined the kind of person you mean as 'cross carrying christian'…you know the ones…they preface everything they say with 'as a christian….'. I remember when singer Cliff Richard 'got Jesus' he would answer just about every question in an interview with 'well as a christian'….one comic at college did this routine."Hi Cliff, good to see you.""As a Christian it's good to see you too.""Uh Cliff, I'm Jewish how can I be ….""As a Christian I understand….""Oh forget it. Coffee Cliff?""As a Christian, yes please."""I guess I'm going to regret this but….milk and sugar…or would you prefer milk and honey?""As a Christian, I'll take it black.""Cliff, What the f**k does your religion have to do with how you drink your coffee?""(silence)"


  6. thanks. me too – sad to say I didn't even get a reply. I think some people just don't want to hear anything uncomfortable, they just stick cotton wool in their ears and mutter to themselves: oh, here goes meirav with her nonsense…nice to know I'm not alone though.


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