wearing my warm cardigan when August isn’t gone yet seems all wrong.

14 thoughts on “wearing my warm cardigan when August isn’t gone yet seems all wrong.

  1. For us, the bottom of August is when you most notice summer slipping away. While the days remain hot, the nights grow ever cooler. It is not unusual for the temperature to swing forty degrees (Fahrenheit) from 60 at night to 100 in the afternoon. Working outside one notices that the heat takes longer to build and then slips away earlier in the evening.


  2. ah yes – you're in a desert climate, aren't you, Cad? more extreme conditions, I think. we're near the sea, so it all tends to go quite gently. (except for the wind, that is…)my weather forecast thing says our top daytime temp today is 17, which is 62.6F, and at night it's expected to drop to 10, which is 50F. 100F is not something that ever happens here (thank God), I think the hottest I've known it to go, and that's in a serious heatwave, is up to 30C=86F.


  3. I needed a warmish one today – when I was at the top of our local mountain and it was only 22°C .Yes Meirav….that is me gloating you can hear in the background ;)


  4. lol… 24C is my idea of a nice warm day.weather forecast says it will warm up slightly during the week, reaching the dizzy heights of 21C by Friday. At which point Hilly reaches for her cardigan, Cadlin puts a sheepskin jacket on, and Meirav is happy :)


  5. I've been looking at my cardigan's with longing. I'm looking forward to the coming of the colder weather. Granted, I don't mind heat awhile longer for my garden's sake. But I'm looking forward to a nice fallish fall.


  6. we had a wimpy winter, then a hot summer. we've been hitting record highs for the past week or so. and i think we almost hit a record in july as well for record highs. we live in an older part of town with more trees, so we're able to keep a bit more cool. and it's not humid here which is a huge help when it's hot. but still, after having a wimpy winter, i'm looking forward to a decent one with substantial snow and reasonably cold temps. :-}


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