Starting over

Ok, that’s it. As of yesterday, I’m blogging on WordPress and that’s that. I did post links to my first couple of posts but I’m not going to keep doing that, the idea is to keep my blogging life separate from here, so here can be more for chilling out with friends and less for soapboxy stuff. I know I’ve said this before but then I hadn’t really worked out a good system, I had places for specific types of posts but not for everything, so it didn’t work that well. My new blog is an Everything blog – rants, thoughts, ramblings, whatever.

So if you want to keep reading my rants and ramblings, head over there and click the Follow button to subscribe. You don’t have to have a WordPress account – not for subscribing and not for commenting, so don’t be shy. (Well, obviously you’re allowed to be shy if that’s how you want to play it, I’m not going to tell you what to do. All I’m saying is, you can comment there without having to sign up for a WordPress account.)
End of advertising. We now return to our normal schedule. The next programme will be Has Meirav Gone to Sleep Yet, starring Quentin the Penguin.

17 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Following new blog. Waiting eagerly for next post.I, too, pared down. Decided running two blogs and all the social stuff with everything that is going on was just one too many. So I shut down the page I started at the beginning of the month and just added a new category to the other one.


  2. Ah!!!!!!!! I wondered why there was another post by you with the same title. Now I see. (Am very behind with reading blogs. Fingers in too many pies? I am currently on five social networking sites…. six if you count Twitter.)The trouble with WordPress is that they make it so easy to set up another blog and another blog… They're just encouraging my addiction :)


  3. Thank you. Soon it will change to a wintry background. I try to keep it going with the seasons. (all with original photography, of course.) I am resurrecting my photo hobby. I let it go stagnant when I buried myself and my creativity for a while.


  4. yay!it's funny how you and I seem to be going through parallels. I've recently resurrected my card-making hobby after a long period of stagnation. It's just really nice to do something totally different now and again, a non-words type of creativity.


  5. Absolutely. And I'm convinced that the non-word creativity jogs the mind so the written creativity benefits and improves. Have you read the book How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci? It talks about how spreading your creativity around stimulates it and grows it rather than having a depleting effect.


  6. Glad I stopped by Multiply when I did (just now). I am now one of your followers on WordPress. I have one other friend who blogs there as well. Looks like a decent site. Please don't unfriend me here on Multiply … even though I have been bad and absent an awful lot these past 2 years. (I wrote a blog today. Does that count? Ok, blog-ette. Not very long.) Oh, please do just keep me friended. I am certainly not pesky! Your friend, Rani


  7. lol… no worries, Rani, by now I've got used to your disappearances.funny you're not showing on my followers list there (not that I like that terminology – it used to be "subscribers", but they seem to have decided to follow Twitter's lead… (pun intended)) but maybe it's taking time to update. (or, if you've subscribed by email, it may be that you haven't yet clicked on the confirmation link – they'll have sent you an email to confirm that you really meant it.)WordPress definitely is a decent site for blogging. Best I've seen so far.


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