I can haz subscriberz :)

Yes, I call you guys subscribers – those of you who have signed up for my posts – and not followers, despite the official WordPress terminology… I’m not founding a cult, I’m just blogging. :)

It’s great to see the new subscriber notifications, but of course now I find myself thinking: oh no, it’s the second day that I haven’t posted anything, I’m letting them down…

It’s not for lack of ideas – the great frustration is having ideas but not having the time to work on them. Life with all its mundane detail gets in the way, and the creative part of me wants to throw a tantrum but my Inner Grown-up reminds me that those things are actually necessary and that my creative mind wouldn’t function very well without food and drink, and food and drink are not – contrary to the scenarios imagined in those sci-fi stories I used to read in my teens – going to materialise without any effort on my part.

Watch this space.

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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