Note to self

Note to self: just because someone is a good writer, that doesn’t mean they’re also a nice person. If I like someone’s writing style, that doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy following them on Twitter or on Google+ and getting to know them.

and vice versa: just because I like someone as a person, that doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily enjoy their writing. (which brings me to another note to self: I really must remember not to take it personally if friends don’t…)

2 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. and a mini-corollary… just because someone adds thoughtful and interesting comments to my posts on G+ doesn’t mean that i want to see the girlie pics they keep posting to their page. :-P i’ve had a couple folks like that start following me recently. hmmmm.


    • oh definitely. And it’s not just girlie pics – just because someone posts interesting comments on *your* posts (or on other people’s posts), that doesn’t mean you’re interested in whatever it is that *they* post about. If someone is always posting about, say, cooking or crochet or US politics, then they may be lovely people but I’m not really interested.


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