Learning not to listen to the lies

once again waking up feeling tired, feeling like I need time out, I can’t do anything today, I need to just curl up on the sofa with the Saturday paper and – – –

but experience tells me that the blues have to be fought against, not succumbed to.

and even better: experience tells me that the blues can be fought against. the voice in my head says “I can’t” but the voice of experience says: yes, I can.

and the sensible voice says: you know you’ll feel a lot better after sitting at your desk for a while with that daylight bulb switched on.

so here I am. I choose not to give in.

About daylight bulbs and SAD:

I’ve had some very bad winters with SAD (seasonal affective disorder, aka the winter blues) and had heard from others about the benefits of daylight lamps in fighting this thing. I’d tried looking into it online but got very overwhelmed by the choices available – feeling depressed means the ability to make decisions is kind of low anyway, plus there was the price factor: when something is expensive, I feel I need to do proper research before choosing which one to buy. Eventually my husband did a bit of research and found that it’s possible to buy an ordinary-shaped daylight bulb which you can put into any ordinary light fitting. This does not involve a huge expense, so we thought it was worth trying. As a result, I have had my least bad November in years! I’ve just got one of these bulbs in my desk lamp, and as I spend a large chunk of my day at my desk, this works just fine for me.

One thought on “Learning not to listen to the lies

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