Today I did!

I joke a lot about being a procrastinator, but it is a serious battle and I’m therefore pausing to pat myself on the back: today I did something that I’ve never done before – I posted all my seasonal greeting cards in time for the second class post deadline. It’s always tended to be a last minute job, I’ve always needed to use first class stamps because of posting so late, and here I am on 16th December able to say it’s done!

Husband was very impressed, and I found myself explaining to him how it worked: I was so not wanting to do it, that I did it just so that I could get this task out of the way, so that I could put it behind me.

But hearing myself say that, I recognise that this is something I’ve never said before in my whole life. I’ve always put off unpleasant or daunting tasks, leaving them until there really was absolutely no way I could put them off any longer. I would feel more and more annoyed with myself as time went by and I still hadn’t done whatever-it-was that I was supposed to be doing, but still I kept procrastinating. But now it seems that somehow, somewhere along the way, I have, maybe, grown up a teensy little bit. And though I still did put this task off for a while, I didn’t leave it till the very last minute, and I did seriously hear myself saying: I did it because I really don’t like doing it so I wanted to be able to put it behind me.

I really hope this is the start of something.

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