A new year rambling

So, apparently we’ve started a new year or something and lots of people are making resolutions and thinking about what they want this year to be about and all kinds of profound stuff of that ilk.

Maybe it’s a sign of getting old, but I just don’t get excited about new years any more. Someone asked me what I’m expecting of 2012 and I said: I’m expecting it to have 365 – no, wait, 366 days.

Thinking about where my life is going and what I’m doing with it – that’s stuff I tend to do a lot anyway, so I don’t need this annual prod.

And deciding to, say, go to bed earlier, or start doing regular exercise, or whatever – that’s not enough to make it happen.

So, no resolutions that are new for this year. Just the ongoing resolution to keep listening to God and doing what I hear him tell me to do – because I love him and trust him.

Some things that I’d like to see happen this year:

* I’d like very much to get home to Israel for a visit. Haven’t been for nearly two years and I miss my family and my friends and the sunshine (not the hot sweltering summer sunshine, just the pleasant spring/autumn sunshine) and the cafes (the brits just don’t know how to do cafes, not the way we do cafes in Israel) and the food and… yes, I need to get home for a visit.

* I’d like to keep on blogging, and to have more readers.

* I’d like to do more creative writing.

* I’d like to get off my fat bum a bit more often and go out for walks. (note to Americans: yes, bum is what the Brits call that thing you sit on. Not to be confused with a tramp, which is what you guys call a bum. Isn’t it lovely having this common language…)

* I’d like to lose some weight. (no, please, no diet tips. I’ve been on so many, I know what works for me, it’s just a question of actually doing it.)

* I’d like to make more headway in my battle with procrastination. Yes, I’m fighting it, and I’m doing better than I used to.

You see, the way I see it, as long as I just say “I’d like to”, I’m not setting myself up for failure. Saying “this year I will” (or “this year I’m determined to” or “this year I resolve to”) means a high likelihood of a guilt trip later. And just because there’s a different digit at the end of the date, that doesn’t mean that anything within me has suddenly changed, the clock striking midnight on 31 December doesn’t suddenly endow us with magic powers or something.

Happy 2nd of January, everyone :)

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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