Sometimes I miss typewriters

Those clunky old things, that made so much noise, and couldn’t do anything else apart from getting text onto paper.

There’s a lot to be said for a single-function tool – yes, I love the computer and all the stuff it enables me to do, but its multitasking abilities make it so much harder to focus on what I’ve come here to do. I come here with ideas for writing, but there’s the email and there are social networking notifications and there are comments on my posts and…

Sometimes I think it would be great if there was some kind of typewriter that I could use for my writing and then plug it into the computer and transfer the content onto my blog. But then, I tried using a word processor in that kind of way – come to the computer, do not open email or web browser, just open word processing programme and type – but I found that the word processor screen didn’t inspire me as much as the WordPress blog compose screen. Plus there are all sorts of things I might need to check on the internet whilst typing – looking up a piece of info, checking the spelling of a name, finding a link that I want to include, etc etc. I’d hate to have to make a note and check later, it would break the flow of my writing.

Some of you might be thinking: how about using the low-tech option of writing on paper, then typing it up when it’s done. But I find my writing flows quite differently on paper, and if I do that then I need to do lots of editing afterwards. There is something in the process of typing straight onto the blog – I can’t explain it, but this is something that works really well for me.

So I just have to exercise willpower, and say: no, I will not look at emails/social networking notifications/comments on my blogs/any of that until I’ve done my writing. Just because I’m at the computer, it doesn’t mean I’m available. I’m busy. I’m writing.

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