Dear Cashier

I want to thank you for making me realise how wonderful some of the other cashiers are, thank you for making me appreciate the nicer ones, those who are warm and friendly, those who are courteous and considerate, those who are helpful – it’s so easy to take all that for granted, and if it wasn’t for your queue being shorter, I wouldn’t have known. I could have done my supermarket shopping and gone home blissfully unaware of the great blessing I’d experienced, unaware of how different this whole experience can be when one falls into the hands of someone who is just doing their job and doesn’t care about those creatures called “customers”. Someone who is able to just sit there when she’s finished putting everything through, tell me how much it is and then watch, completely detached, as I fumble with getting more bags open and get my stuff packed, as I try to get all this done calmly despite the impatient looks from the people waiting – no, you didn’t have to offer to help me pack, as some of the nicer cashiers often do if they’ve finished their task and they can see I’ve still got a lot left to put away; nor did you have to open a few more bags for me when you saw I was finding it fiddly, as so many other cashiers seem happy to do, recognising that getting these bags open is something most people find fiddly. No, of course you didn’t have to be helpful – though it would have helped not just me but everyone else in the queue. No, you didn’t have to. The others don’t have to either. Thankfully some of them do anyway.

5 thoughts on “Dear Cashier

  1. On the other hand I’ve also met my fair share of customers, who only start packing when they have paid the cashier, effectively blocking the cashier and all the other customers, while they’re trying to put groceries for a week into one little purse.


      • Non-social behaviour in the supermarket is one subject I can really rant about :-D My panick attacks have very often happened standing in line, knowing that if I run out of the supermarket, I wont have any food at all because it’s taken me a week just to overcome to get out of the door, sweat flowing down my face like Niagara Falls and being convinced that everyone is staring at that awkward freak who’s shaking like an aspen leaf.


        • :/ You have my utter sympathy. And I can relate, there was a stage when I was having irritable bowel issues in shops – stress, panic, unbelievable levels of embarrassment, wanting the earth to swallow me, and yes, sometimes having to walk out without my shopping. And of course the more this stuff happens, the more anxious we get about going shopping, and so on and on…


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