I’ve never been good at geography, but…

I was filling in an online survey (yes, another one) and one of the questions was to do with parts of the world you have either visited or lived in.

One item on the list was Asia.

A separate item on the list was the Middle East.

I come from Israel. It’s in the Middle East. It is also in the continent of Asia.

I sighed, rolled my eyes, reminded myself that the survey was compiled by Brits and that when they say someone is Asian they mean the eastern part of Asia, and ticked the Middle East box.

Someone was being wrong in a survey on the internet – but hey, it happens.

3 thoughts on “I’ve never been good at geography, but…

  1. I was taught in advanced English back in the UK that being Asian ranged from being Indian/Pakistani to Middle Eastern, or Thai, But does not contain the ethnicities of Japanese and Chinese…

    considering that and then the survey, seems like the definition of Asia is pretty weirded out in the mind of Britz…


    • That’s really interesting… and it got me to look it up in my dictionary (Concise Oxford), which says under Usage:

      “In Britain Asian is used to refer to people who come from (or whose parents came from) the Indian subcontinent, while in North America it is used to refer to people from the Far East.”

      This pretty much goes with the usage I’ve heard here – people saying “Asian” as shorthand for Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/someone from round that neck of the woods. And then they’ll talk about people being from the Far East, or in my case from the Middle East. But when I’ve tried to point out that I come from Asia actually, people have sometimes been really surprised.


  2. Well, when Turkey made the Football World Cup on behalf of Asia, my brother was really surprised too.

    I hasten to add he’s one of the science group students though, considering the track record of pointing to Africa when referring to Australia (or the other way round), I guess I can’t blame him too much. lol


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