Handling disagreements English-style

Exploring differences in culture

As an Israeli living amongst the English, I am fascinated by the cultural differences I see.

English culture is a lot more polite than ours, and there’s a great emphasis on avoiding confrontation. So they won’t (normally) tell you to your face that they disagree with you, they’d present their disagreement in a roundabout way. Like if someone says grass is red, the other person won’t say “no, grass is green” (I’ve been told that’s rude in English terms) but they might say: “ah, yes, it is a kind of shade of red in a certain light, isn’t it… though I’ve found that usually it seems greenish to me…”

What about your culture? How do people normally handle these situations?

One thought on “Handling disagreements English-style

  1. Detroit: “Damn, girl. What’s wrong wit your eyes?”

    San Francisco: “Oh girl! I want a hit of whatever you’re on!”

    Fort Collins: “Yeah, that’s the color of grass here. You’ll get used to it after awhile.”


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