Why I don’t do Valentine’s Day

Roses are red
violets are blue
I couldn’t care less about 14th Feb
so let me spoil that Valentine’s feeling for you…

seriously, I don’t see the point in all this mushiness on demand, a day in the year in which people attempt to prove their love for someone by spending money on overpriced roses, cards, restaurants that are too full of couples doing their Valentine’s day duty, and in the background a whole load of singles quietly weep – honestly, romance is nice when it’s spontaneous, when it’s from the heart, when it’s because you want to, not because there’s this date in the calendar with all this pressure… and, whilst romance is nice, it’s so much less important in long-term relationships than stuff like:

putting the rubbish out
making a cup of tea
being there when the other person is feeling down
being patient when they’re grumpy and unreasonable
showing love in all those little day-to-day unspectacular ways

Here endeth my Valentine’s Day rant.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t do Valentine’s Day

  1. for years my husband and i have walked in your very footsteps – valentines day was just a made up holiday to sell cards covered in mush. but for some reason this year we are celebrating it and i had been wondering why. then it hit me! good quality chocolate is currently on mega-sale and we love a good sale. so, a holiday for the expression of love…of all things chocolate.


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