Walking the tightrope

Sometimes my life feels
like I’m walking a tightrope
So many different things to try and do
So many challenges – they won’t look big to most people, but
to me they’re huge
I look at my day, at what I need to get done
and take a deep breath
before starting to walk
along the tightrope
I plan my steps
and shut out everything around me
on where I have to put my foot next
I put everything I’ve got into that effort

You wouldn’t realise
just by looking at me
So you wouldn’t know why
I can’t cope with being interrupted
why a little thing can send me into a flap
why you get such a strong reaction to a simple question

It’s not always hormonal.

2 thoughts on “Walking the tightrope

  1. I totally know the feeling. There are times when I feel like I’m juggling so many things that even the smallest request might cause me to drop everything I’m juggling — not just one thing, but everything.


    • Yes, exactly! Today my husband asked me a question when I was in the middle of the washing up – not a very complex question, but at that moment it was like all the juggling balls fell out of my hands.


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