Twenty years ago

It’s funny how stuff you read can suddenly trigger emotions, one minute you’re just browsing posts on Google+ in a leisurely fashion and the next moment you’re hit by something so strongly that you just have to do something – in my case last night, that something meant writing a poem.

I saw a post suggesting a fun thing we could do – let’s all post photos of ourselves from twenty years ago, that should be fun… but I don’t have photos from twenty years ago, and I wasn’t in a good place back then, so suddenly there I was thinking about how things were. The only way I could deal with the emotional impact was by writing this:


She is thirty years old and she sometimes wonders
if this is all there is
if this is how life is going to
always be
she doesn’t remember her dreams

On the outside
people see a ratty bitch
always ready for a quarrel
never wanting to help
like she’s on permanent PMS

She doesn’t even know
she doesn’t see how stressed
her home life is
she still believes that it’s possible
to love horrible stuff out of people
if only you stick with it long enough

It will be two years yet
before it all explodes
and she escapes
to freedom
and then she’ll start
rediscovering herself
picking up the shattered bits

One day she will even find herself
singing again.

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