One thing that sucks about Blogger

If you blog on Blogger, I’m highly unlikely to comment there.
Why? because if I choose anything other than my Google profile, I am not given the option to subscribe to comments, which means if you reply to my reply I simply won’t know about it.
I don’t want to comment on blogs using my Google profile. When I comment on blogs, I want to comment as a blogger – and my blog is on WordPress. The option is there to comment using my WordPress identity, but as soon as I select that option, the box for subscribing to comments disappears.
So, if you’re on Google+ and you post links to your blog posts there, I’ll comment there. If you aren’t – I don’t know, I really don’t.
And no, it’s not your fault that Blogger has this annoying setting.
fwiw, on WordPress you can subscribe to comments on a post no matter which identity you choose to use. just sayin’ :)

15 thoughts on “One thing that sucks about Blogger

  1. And go figure, Blogger is a Google toy. One way to get people to use their products. WP has import tools for various sites in place, but not Multiply, so I've put in a query about if they'll consider doing so since Multiply is ditching their bloggers. Will have to wait and see what happens with that. In the meantime, I haven't started moving anything yet. Just ditching albums once I go through them and keep what I want.


  2. ok, that's not what I was talking about (I meant choosing if you comment under your WordPress identity or FB or Twitter or whatever) but yes, you can. Depending on what you want to achieve, there are two paths you could take on WP:1. You can have one ID and as many different blogs as you like. For example, I set up an account called Lyagushka and under this account I have: my blog; my photos page; my writing wip; etc etc. So for instance if someone is interested in subscribing to my blog, they don't have to get bored with my photos too, and vice versa.2. If you have things that you want to keep totally separate, for the sake of privacy, you can set up more than one ID. For example, when I was fighting Google over the (thankfully now revised) names policy, I set up a separate WP account under the name notceliarogut and blogged about the names policy in total anonymity. (I made it public once the nymwars were over.) No one could connect Notcelia with Lyagushka – totally separate identities.


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