Friendly warning

This is something I’ve said recently on my old-and-almost-deceased blog on Multiply but felt it’s worth saying here too: if you are someone who knows me from somewhere else, you are very very welcome to follow my blog but please bear in mind that this isn’t a way of keeping in touch with me socially.

People use blogs for a whole load of different purposes, so I want to make sure you know: this one is not a “how am I doing” sort of blog, it’s not a “what have I been up to” sort of blog, it won’t tell you what sort of day/week/month I’m having or what’s new in my life or even if I’m going away on holiday – that kind of stuff I share on Google+, which I use for social networking. This blog is more of a public soapbox than anything else – it’s where I post thoughts, rants, opinions, that sort of thing.

I just felt I should say this now, with everyone gradually migrating from the near-extinct Multiply and looking for new web homes, and people wondering how we’re all going to keep in touch – if you know me and want to keep in touch with me, this isn’t the way to do that.

But if you want to read my rants and ramblings here, that’s absolutely cool! The more, the merrier!


5 thoughts on “Friendly warning

  1. At least you’re blogging! Right now, mine isn’t soap box or daily what-am-I-doing. I’m struggling to restart the old blogging engine. Perhaps it needs a kickstart… or just a kick ;)


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