Friendly Warning #2

Some of you may start seeing me disappear off your list of subscribers.

Please don’t take it personally. I’m switching from email subscriptions to RSS feed – will be gradually doing this with all the blogs I’m following.

I’ve found that getting email updates just doesn’t work that well for me. Here’s hoping that this arrangement will work better.

I like that each blog goes into its own folder, and I can click within the RSS reader to see the beginning of each post so I can easily choose which ones I want to click through and read. Also, it lets me rename a subscription if I want to, which means I don’t have to remember the weird and wonderful names my friends have made up for their blogs :)

But mainly, this stuff won’t drown amongst all my other emails.

Am using Google Reader – I find it pretty user friendly.

2 thoughts on “Friendly Warning #2

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