Friendly Warning #3: Comments Policy

Call me a stick in the mud, but I have this quaint old-fashioned idea that comments on a blog post should be relevant to the post. :)

This is a blog.

WordPress is not a social networking site.

And even on social networking sites, I don’t like it when people post off-topic comments – unless it’s obviously just a light chatty sort of post, like if I post on Google+ saying good night, in which case light chatty comments are exactly what I’m expecting. But most of the time, I expect people to have the courtesy to stay on topic.

Yes, I have boundaries. And I don’t think they’re unreasonable.

P.S. A tip or two for people who are new to WordPress:

1. If you see someone else’s comment on a post and you’re interested in checking them out, click on their name – it should take you to wherever they’ve chosen to make their name connect to, which may be their blog or their website or whatever. (If their name doesn’t act as a link, that means they haven’t chosen to link it to anything. That’s obviously their choice.)

2. The flip side of point #1: when you comment, it is up to you to set which URL you want your name to link to. If you comment using a WordPress account, you can set the default in your WordPress preferences. (I have mine set to link to this blog.)

Hope you find these tips helpful.

P.P.S. I do also have a “contact” page here for times when people may want to respond to my blog privately. I made a point of adding this because WordPress, being a blogging platform and not a social networking site, does not have a private message feature.

6 thoughts on “Friendly Warning #3: Comments Policy

  1. Hmmm, *scratches head wondering if this is a light, chatty post and itching so badly to find something off topic to say…* I wonder how long it will take before the rest of the world (besides Peter and Dave and Michael) realize that blogging and social networking really go hand in hand and integrate the two?


    • lol… interesting… me, I like them separate actually. As you know, I started out blogging on Multiply, so it was combined, but came to the conclusion that it’s too much to bombard my friends with all my rants. That was one of the reasons I came over to WordPress – to have a stand-alone blog.


  2. what are friends for if not to bombard them! that’s why facebook is so popular. *heads off to bombard my FB friends with what i had for dinner and whatever inane info i can think up off the top of my head*


    • lol… big difference between bombarding people with “what I had for dinner” posts (totally acceptable on fb, slightly frowned on by some on G+ but some of us love it), and bombarding them with your rants and raves and opinions. Putting my rants and raves here means people only see them if they choose to subscribe to my blog, and they can still be my friends on social networking sites and hear what I had for dinner. :)


  3. So what did you have for dinner, Meg? ;)

    Just teasing, Meirav! I just had someone comment on my blog with a query about some WordPress technicality. I had to swallow my instant annoyance at that. She’s a nice lady, but I felt a bit put out at the time. I love your idea of a Contact page for that purpose. My I steal it? (assuming, of course, I figure it out)


    • Do steal it, by all means :) Seriously, I mentioned it because I thought it’s something others might find useful too. It’s a long time since I set it up so I don’t remember enough to give you step-by-step instructions, but I remember it involved using one of the buttons that you see when you’re writing a post, there’s a button for adding a form – I think I actually went looking in the help/support section and found a post with instructions because I saw a contact form on someone else’s blog and was curious.


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