No one else

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. You have – no, you are the key to everything I really need, everything that really matters. And you are the one rock solid factor in my life, you are the one who is still there when everyone else has scattered, or when they are all standing around me ready to throw stones.

Thank you, Jesus, my rock.


Thank you, God, that you know me inside out and nothing about me is going to take you by surprise, make you think that perhaps you were wrong about me. You already know everything about me, you know my faults and failings and weaknesses, and you have chosen to love me anyway.

Thank you for your love and patience and faithfulness. Thank you that you are always always always there, you promised you will never leave me, even when I walk through really difficult and painful places, even when I feel alone, you are there.

Thank you that you’re never too busy to listen to me. Thank you that you don’t sulk, or say: oh, come on, how could you do that again? You forgive me every time and you don’t hold grudges.

Thank you for those wonderful moments when I feel your presence, when I feel your hug or your smile. Thank you for those times when you send me a ray of sunshine or a cat to stroke or a pretty rainbow or a something-or-other that makes me smile and feel loved and cherished. Thank you for giving me friends. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful man who turned out to be just right for me and I’d never have known how to find him. Thank you for giving us a home to live in. Thank you for a laptop that still works and the internet, which lets me communicate my thoughts and feelings with the world out there and which lets me sometimes connect in a very real and meaningful way with people in totally different parts of the world.

Thank you for giving me the gift of writing. Thank you for giving me brains. Thank you for making me creative. Thank you for giving me the gift of listening. Thank you for the chances you’ve given me sometimes to use my gifts in helping other people – in giving someone a chance to verbalise what they need to talk about, in making a fellow human being feel heard and understood, or helping people see that they’re not alone in their struggles and that being weak and vulnerable is okay.

Thank you for people who have done the same for me.

There is so much to thank you for, I could go on all day. I love you, and knowing you love me is just amazing, and it’s what really keeps me going when everything else fades away. People can’t always be there, not even if they want to. Things that cheer me up – they only have a temporary effect. But you are always there, and your love is forever. Thank you.

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