yes, my family are in Israel and yes, I’m concerned for their safety.

I don’t tend to talk about this stuff much online, because frankly I’m not emotionally strong enough to cope with all the horrible vile stuff that people say about my country, and as soon as I mention it I know what sort of stuff I’m likely to get hurled at me.

I will not attempt a detailed and thorough explanation of the history of the conflict or the ins and outs of what’s going on right now. I’ll just say this: whatever you think you know about it, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the full picture. It is a lot more complex than most people think. And the media bias on this subject can be shocking – here in the UK it tends to be reported with a huge anti-Israel slant, emphasising anything that will make us look bad and omitting to mention a whole load of stuff that would show that Hamas are not the peace-loving saints that some would like to think they are. Some of us have cynically dubbed this: “it all started when Israel retaliated” – they report the action we take and say things like: Israel claims that this is because Hamas allegedly chucked some rockets in its direction. It’s always “Israel claims” or “Israel says”, but whatever the Palestinians say is reported as fact. Even if it turns out later that some of it wasn’t – as has been known to happen, but by the time that’s discovered, the damage to our reputation has been done.

No, I don’t believe the Palestinians are all evil. But the Hamas government sure is. They’ve made it clear they want to destroy us completely, they don’t believe in living side by side. And those who live in Gaza who believe otherwise – they won’t dare say so, because there is no freedom of speech under Hamas rule.

No, I don’t hate them. Not even those in leadership who hate my country and my people and want to kill us. My God tells me to love everyone, even my enemies. Jesus says I am to pray for them.

To anyone who is praying for us, I want to say thank you, and please pray for them too.

I’m sorry to have to take the exceptional step of disabling comments on this post. I am not superwoman and I’m really not up to dealing with the vile stuff that inevitably gets thrown at anyone who says anything positive about Israel.

P.S. No, I don’t claim that we are perfect. But I’d love to see how any other country would react to the situation we’re facing. Hamas deliberately targets civilians. Israel makes an effort to avoid hitting civilians as far as possible – but when the enemy deliberately hides behind “human shields”, shooting at us from the middle of densely populated neighbourhoods, it is impossible to hit only the fighters and their weapons without hitting the civilian population around them. When we hit civilians, it is because we had no choice. And we don’t dance and celebrate it.