9 thoughts on “Testing

  1. I wish there were some lorem ipso sum, or whatever it is, so I could get a better sense of how the blog will look on the page. Maybe with a pic. I’m surprised there’s so much white space on either side. I would think with the tags and stuff down below that the blog post would widen out closer to the edges of the white space.

    I really need to start working on how my blog *looks.* I’ve still got more blog posts to move over (text there, photos not) but I’ve moved most of the relevant, recent, or more important (to me, at least) stuff. So I feel done, even if I’m not. But when I actually click through to see what I have, the theme makes me feel like I’m not really at home.


      • You talked (a day or two ago?) about revisiting your blog theme. Then you posted this test, and I don’t remember all the stuff being at the bottom. So I was guessing that you were testing how things looked (or something like that).

        But perhaps you’re testing something else entirely, in which case… don’t mind me. I’m just chatting with the roses. ;-)


        • oh, now I get the connection :-)

          no, I was testing something to do with the About.me widget (which is on the right hand side on the homepage) – and yay, it worked! (there was a bug, and I was talking to their technical support by email, and it’s fixed! yay for About.me!) (Come on, Meirav, enough with all these exclamation marks already!!!) (Why? I like exclamation marks!!!)


    • You do have my sympathy re your blog, I’m nearly done with mine but not totally done yet and it’s bugging me but there’s also that feeling of: come on, aren’t we done yet… But yes, the look is really important so that you can feel it’s really your blog. (Here they’ve got a really good system, where if I’m checking out a theme I can get a preview of all the different bit of my blog as it is. It’s really cool.)


  2. Commenting for the sake of commenting…proof that I stopped by to check in.

    One observation – from a mobile perspective – is this: If you should hit the jackpot some day, garnering a massive number of responses, one will have to thumb scroll forever to access your end of page widgets.

    To the Newbie, this may be a detraction. But to the experienced mobile G+ user, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem…I have developed super human thumb strength – up for any blog challenge.


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