Lots of good mornings!

The reboot worked! Hooray!

I’m glad I didn’t stay with the 6.30 wake-up time though – that felt a bit over the top, and meant I was getting seriously sleepy at a ridiculous time in the evenings. I had images of me nodding off at the end of a home group meeting… not ideal. :-) But I’m now waking up at 8.30, and this feels good. It feels really really really good!

I don’t remember ever before in my life experiencing this morning bounciness! I’m waking up naturally, and when I wake up I’m fully awake! I used to take absolute ages to get going, couldn’t talk to another human for a couple of hours after getting up. (My theory is that I was sleeping too much, and that’s why I was so drowsy when waking up. I’m now sleeping around 7-7½ hours a night, and this feels a lot better.)

The challenge now is restructuring my day, kind of re-learning how to live now that everything has shifted so drastically. There’s stuff like working out when lunchtime needs to be for the new me – I went out to the shops one day around 1pm and found myself feeling unbelievably ravenous, so much so that I got myself a KFC and demolished it in the car before driving home; it was only later that I thought about it and realised: of course I was starving by then, I’d been up since 6.30! I’m just not used to that.

One thing that is very very clear to me is that when I get to the drowsy stage at night, I absolutely have to go with it, switch off and start unwinding towards sleep. So I’m no longer heading back to Google Plus at night – conversations with people, even if they’re fun, would mean restarting my brain, and I can’t afford to do that. I can’t afford to risk getting back to that place which I inhabited until recently, of getting up in the afternoons and… no, that was a really unpleasant and depressing place. I’m staying here, in the land of bouncy morning wakeupness. And that means that when I get drowsy at night, I have to ignore the joys of social networking, and play solitary games to unwind.

I just checked my records from this time last year and found that on 1 January 2012 I got up at 2pm, and it looks like that was my general trend around then. 1 January 2013: woke naturally at 8.30, stayed in bed with my thoughts for a while and got up at 9, feeling like I’d had a bit of a lie-in. :-) I know which one I prefer!

8 thoughts on “Lots of good mornings!

  1. Wow! This sounds like it’s been such a positive change. I miss seeing you around online, but I’m really happy that you’re able to live in your own time zone now. :-) And I totally know what you mean about not being able to do Google+ at night because a good conversation can really suck you in.


    • I’ve no idea what makes people night owls – all I know is that some people are naturally owls and some are naturally larks. I’ve always known which one I am… Right now I’m an owl who is going to sleep early-for-owls but late-for-larks and getting up around 8.30-9, which again is early for an owl but late for a lark. In other words, this owl is making a bit of an effort to fit in with the world around it :)


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