Note to self

Something I’ve just figured out on WordPress:

On one of my other sites I wanted to have a category or tag that wouldn’t be shown on the list on the sidebar. (I didn’t really mind if it’s a tag or a category. I just wanted something that would be shown at the bottom of the actual post, but not draw attention on the sidebar. It’s more like a sort of footnote, a detail that I want to include but it’s not a super important detail.)

Now, I don’t know if this stuff is specific to the theme I’m using or if it’s a general WordPress thing, so I’ll state here that the theme I’m using there is called Truly Minimal.

What I found was this: if I choose the Category Cloud widget, rather than the Categories widget, I get two extra helpful options: 1. I can choose to show only up to a certain number of categories. 2. I can choose to exclude a particular category! yay! (Why they don’t allow the same thing for the Tag Cloud is beyond me, but in this case I’m not bothered. I just went into the conversion tool and changed it to a category and I’m a happy bunny now.)

P.S. Hmmm… I spoke too soon… The “exclude” bit doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve managed to get it not to show that category by setting it to show just the top 3, but that won’t help if I post more stuff under that category and it gets included in the top 3. Boohoo.

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