Giving up on rss

A few months ago Google announced the demise of Google Reader (coming soon!) and I, like many others, started looking for another feed reader to use instead. I even got as far as exporting my subscriptions to an alternative reader, but the thing is, I just don’t get round to looking at the stuff… If it isn’t staring me in the face, I tend to forget about it.

And yes, I know about the WordPress reader, which looks ok but again, there’s nothing there to make me look.

So I’ve decided to go back to email subscriptions. I think there’s a slightly better chance that I’ll keep up with blogs that way.

A lady may change her mind, right? :)

6 thoughts on “Giving up on rss

  1. I’ve become hopeless at blogging and following blogs. Readers? Pft… nothing doing. I haven’t looked at a reader in ages. My internet’s been so shaky… sometimes disappearing for weeks on end, sometimes just a day. I’ve personally found that the ones that come to me via email are the most likely to get read. The rest? Oh I might find myself wondering what so-and-so has been up to and hunt them down. Case in point…. publishing this comment will have to wait until my internet returns. Oh the joy!


    • oh yes, if your internet connection is wobbly then it’s really hard to keep up with stuff online. I well remember my pre-broadband days, with a slow dial-up connection… I’d never have got into blogging if I hadn’t gone onto broadband. (bt, in case you’re looking for a good isp. but my guess is in your case it’s probably a question of location, right?)


      • Quite right… location is everything and our ISP is not our decision to make right now. I’m hoping that will soon change. If there’s one thing I miss about Brazil, it’s the super broadband we had!


  2. Whatever works! :) I managed to transition pretty happily to The Old Reader bolstered by WordPress Reader, and just keep links to both in my quicklink bar above my tabs. But looking at them was already built into my autonomic routine, so!


    • that’s great – I’m sure there was a time when I did have it built in to my routine, but that’s what tends to happen with my routines on the whole, things work for a while and then fizzle away…


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