rss feed grumble

Two grumbles, actually.

So I thought I could change all my blog subscriptions from rss feed to email. But then I discovered that some blogs don’t offer an email subscription, so I’m still going to have to use some feed reader – if I manage to remember to check it now and again…

WordPress Reader allows the inclusion of non-WordPress blogs, so there is that option.

But… here’s the other grumble: if I subscribe to a WordPress blog, I get emails whether I like it or not. There’s one blog in particular that I’d like to keep in touch with in a loose kind of way – it’s a very busy blog, far too many posts for me to keep up with, so glancing through their posts in the WP Reader would have been ideal, but once I signed up to follow that blog, I started to get email alerts for their posts. When I clicked on the Manage Subscriptions link, I got the list of all blogs I’m subscribed to and for each of them I can choose how often I want emails (immediately/daily/weekly) but there is no “none” option.

Sigh. Looks like I will still have to use a separate feed reader after all.

5 thoughts on “rss feed grumble

  1. lol! that busy blogger is certainly not me. if every post i wrote in my head counted, then maybe. but sitting down to actually bang stuff out on the keyboard doesn’t happen nearly as often as i would like.

    i think that what you did with me worked well. when you hit my blog and it had no email option, you pinged me and asked for one. … although, now that i think about it, if the person doesn’t give you any way to contact them except through posts, that’s a little less straightforward of a process. maybe if they have an about me page you could add a comment there asking them to add and email subscription section. it’s very easy to add something like that (on blogger and probably on most other sites. … although, i don’t actually know how to do that on my joomla site. so maybe not always so easy.)

    well, if a site requires me to rss them, i’ll see those posts once in a blue moon or possibly slightly less often than that.


    • yeah, with you it was easy to just contact you and tell you – I know you well enough to know that you’d actually care about it, and also that you’d know how to add the email subscription option. I feel less comfortable writing to bloggers who don’t know me and who might not really care/might not know how to make it happen.

      If someone is using WordPress or Blogger, then I know it’s easy to add the widget. If they’re on some other system then I wouldn’t know how doable it is.

      Anyways, I guess this will sort of test my motivation to follow these blogs. If there’s one I’m particularly keen on, then I’ll make the effort, but mostly it will be as you say – once in a blue moon or a bit less often…


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