Why me?

Counting my blessings leaves me amazed at how much I have to be thankful for, but it also makes me wonder: why me, God? why have you chosen to shower me with so much goodness? why have you protected me from so much harm? It’s a big bad world out there, with lots of danger, and it’s not like I haven’t taken risks in my life – I have, and very foolish risks at times, and though you have allowed me to experience some painful consequences of these risks, and some painful consequences of the simple fact that I live in a big bad dangerous world, you have protected me from much worse stuff that could have happened.

And you have given me so much in material terms, when there are people in this world who have so little.

And you have given me a good, loving husband when there are people in this world who are stuck in bad marriages, not to mention plenty who are lonely and who long to be loved.

And you have given me friends. And…

…so much, I could go on and on. But more importantly, you have given me the knowledge of your love for me, you opened my eyes to see the truth and the truth, as you promised, set me free. Thank you. But… oh God, why me?

4 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. Why not? After all this is your property. It’s got your name on it. And graciously He let you see the blessings as well as the difficulties. When I give my daughter something nice my daughter doesn’t say “but none of my friends have got one.. why me?” She gives me a big hug and says thank you .. because she know we love each other.


    • I suggest your daughter doesn’t ask this because: (1) she is still very young (2) she is your daughter so it’s natural that you give her stuff and you don’t give the same to people who aren’t your own children. However, God loves everyone in the whole world, so I’m not entitled to any preferential treatment from him.

      Not that I’m complaining… I just feel that we humans are a lot more inclined to ask “why me” when something bad happens, and more inclined to take it for granted when good stuff comes our way. Hence this post – just trying to bring out the fact that “why me” goes both ways, that both good and bad stuff comes our way for no obvious reason.


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