Tuesday was my 6th birthday…

1 July is a special date in my diary.

This is an old post from my archives. It is long, because my journey from Jewish Agnostic to Jewish Follower of Jesus was a long one, and not all that straightforward.

I’m resisting the urge to edit… but if I was writing it now, I’d have included my baptism in the story – no, I don’t mean that time when I stood in a church and someone sprinkled me with water and told me I was now a Christian… In the summer of 2002, after I finally finally got the point about needing Jesus as my saviour, I was baptised for real, by immersion, having repented for my sins and chosen to die to my old life and start a new life with Jesus as my Lord. So really it’s 15 August that’s my real re-birthday. But 1 July is still special!

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Yes, 1 July 2002 is the day I was born again.

If you don’t know what being born again means, don’t worry, I didn’t either until it happened. Growing up in a Jewish home in Israel, you don’t hear about this stuff. And even going to church – well, it varies. The churches I attended didn’t tend to talk about it, and when I heard people use this term it meant nothing to me, it was as though they were talking Chinese. But eventually, in God’s good time, after over 12 years in the church and thinking I was a Christian, it happened.

My 12 years in the wilderness started with a visit to a church in London a few months after I arrived in England. I wasn’t searching for God or anything like that – I just went along with a friend who wanted to go to church. (Long…

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