been reading I Peter

Last night’s sermon inspired me to read I Peter – the whole letter in one go, to get the feel of what it’s about, but pausing to jot down particular verses that were jumping at me. There’s so much there about being willing to suffer, about putting up with suffering and even rejoicing in the chance to take part in the Messiah’s suffering! Not repaying evil with evil, not retaliating when someone hurts us, looking to the example that Jesus set before us – Lord, my whole being struggles against this, help me to overcome the temptation to hit back at people with my sharp tongue, help me to behave in a way that will bring glory to you.

(I did my reading in Hebrew today. Now and again I feel I need to read this stuff in my own language so that it will impact on me more directly – I’m fluent in English but it isn’t the language of my innermost being.)


2 thoughts on “been reading I Peter

  1. Interesting. Peter probably thought in Hebrew (or the closely related Aramaic) himself, but he wrote (or had a secretary?) write it in Greek. If you don’t read Greek, Hebrew (or Aramaic) is probably the language that would get you closest to meaning to the epistles, or even the Gospels, for that matter.

    Possibly Luke was a native greek speaker and I suspect Paul’s greek was excellent, although I suspect his first language was Hebrew. They say John’s greek is beautifully written, but I’m not sure who “they” are, I’ve just heard that down through the years.


    • Interesting – I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, I expect Simon Peter thought in Hebrew or Aramaic, so I’m probably getting closer to his original thoughts this way. Yay for being a Hebrew speaker!


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