Hoot! Hoot!

Yes, I’m a night owl.

Someone wrote privately to ask me how I’m doing since that sleep reboot, and the short answer is: it didn’t last long. Without any exterior factors demanding that I get up early, I tend to revert to my natural pattern. Most of the time I just live with that. You know that famous prayer asking for the wisdom to discern which things you should accept and which you should try to change? My sleep pattern is something I generally file under “accept”. One has to pick one’s battles :)

And this connects with why I’ve been annoyed in the past when people responded to my posts with unsolicited advice about how to sort out my sleep pattern. You don’t know what other battles I have, nor do you know what it would cost me to try fighting this one. Not to mention that you don’t know what I’ve already tried – please respect me enough to assume that I have actually thought about this stuff and looked into possible solutions.

But to the person who just wrote to ask how I’m getting on: thank you, that is nice of you.

(And to anyone who wants to keep more up to date with what’s going on in my life day to day, I invite you to come over to Google+, where I share a lot more. This blog is more of a soapbox to me than a personal “how am I doing” sort of thing.)

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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