Taking off the dark glasses

taking off the dark glasses

now and again
I take off the mask for a second
allow myself
to appear

now and again.

I remind myself that people can’t
get to know you for real if you’re always
putting on a show
being flippant
saying what you think would sound cool rather than
how you feel.

scary. so very very scary. much easier to keep the mask on. but then you get so much less of that real connection which you so very much need, because you’re human. isolating yourself behind dark sunglasses, safe from mockery, means no one will see when you’re crying. which means no one will offer you a tissue, or an understanding nod, or a much-needed hug.

I know the theory. But still
need to remind myself
now and again

and take a deep breath
take off the mask
and be real with a fellow human being.

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