not learning from mistakes

– oops, I really shouldn’t have done that. I wonder what will happen now…
– oh wow, thank God, it was ok after all…
– so I could do the same thing again…
That’s the temptation. I do something wrong/stupid and the consequences aren’t so bad, so I’m tempted to take the same risk again. Because what stays in my mind is the end result (nothing bad happened) and I forget the feeling I had in between, the “oh no, what have I done, what’s going to happen now” – somehow I need to grab hold of that feeling and remind myself of it when I’m tempted to repeat the same silly behaviour.

(which makes me think of parents punishing their kid for doing something wrong even if it didn’t end in disaster – it’s like you’re giving the child a negative memory to associate with this thing. so instead of thinking “I ran into the road but nothing happened” the child will think “I ran into the road and daddy smacked me/confiscated my iPod/whatever” and hopefully refrain from repeating that behaviour.)

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