What makes a good blog?

The internet seems full of articles about how to make your blog appealing, how to get more readers – but I’d like to hear from you, my readers: what makes a blog appealing to you personally? What are the factors that make you carry on reading regularly? You see, I know that we humans are all different, with different preferences – whether it’s the style of writing, the visual layout, choice of fonts, not to mention choice of subjects, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all way to create a blog that would be everyone’s cup of tea.

I remember a conversation that developed from one of my rambly posts on Google+, when someone attempted to give me advice about how I should make my posts less rambly because the rambliness (he said) was confusing. Someone else commented, saying: “I don’t mind you rambling at all, I find it enticing because you cast your net and invite the reader to come down a rabbit hole of thought that they haven’t explored before” – which I found very encouraging, especially as the rambly style is my natural way of writing and I can’t force myself to be someone else! The thing is, this style won’t work for everyone, but I’m ok with that. Just like in life, so in blogging – I can’t please everybody.

The same goes for layouts – what seems too noisy and busy to one person may be just right for another. A font that one person praises for its simplicity will seem too bland to someone else.

As for subjects – obviously we all have different interests. I have a friend who blogs about various things, I subscribe and check out her posts regularly but I only actually read some of them: the posts about cooking I mostly ignore, but the ones about personality types or about the Bible, for instance – those grab me. Now, according to all those expert “ten commandments for blogging” posts, you should focus on one subject – nice if you can, but we’re not all made like that… I’m definitely not a “stick to one subject” kind of person. So I throw everything in one pot, and assume that none of my readers will find it all interesting, but hope that there’ll be enough of interest to keep you coming back.

So, how about you? Whether you’re a regular subscriber to my blog, or whether you’ve just popped in, tell me: what are your preferences as a blog reader? What grabs you in the first place, and what keeps you coming back to a blog? (And I’m thinking here mainly about blogs by people you don’t know – because it’s different when it’s a friend or relative, especially if it’s more of a personal “how I’m doing” kind of blog.)

Over to you!

8 thoughts on “What makes a good blog?

  1. Since I have so little in the way of resources, I tend to keep my blog list mainly friends. The main thing I’ve seen said over and over again for hooking people is to just keep writing with frequency, and to pimp oneself out. I can do one, but not t’other, hee hee.


  2. Hmmm… for me I tend to follow blogs of specific topics, unless they are those of friends. Naturally when I write blog posts I don’t stick to just one topic at all (okay, when I used to write blogs instead of push contents over from other places); I used to blog about life, news, work, food, movies, books… now its more or less just books & rants.


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