I just stumbled upon what looks like a super useful post about using html code here on WordPress – I do know the basics, but there was some weird behaviour I noticed here when I’ve tried posting poetry (mainly on my work in progress blog) and I’ve torn my hair out over trying to get the line spacing to do what I wanted. Eventually I gave up and started typing the stuff in Notepad and then copy&pasting it into a blog post, but sometimes even that didn’t quite work… This post explains how to tame the WordPress editor and get it to do the line spacing you want. Yay!

So I’m going to try out what I’ve just learned:

Mary had a little lamb
with carrots, mash and peas
  John went for the steak and chips
  And... what food rhymes with peas?

If I’ve done this right, there should be three blank lines between this paragraph and my silly verse, and there should be no annoying line spaces within the verse. (The default setting on WordPress means that as soon as you hit the carriage return, it’s interpreted as a new paragraph and a line space is placed there, which is very much not what you want when you’re posting poetry.)
now, the trick to remember is not to go back to the Visual Editor or I’ll lose these lovely spaces. Taking a deep breath and hitting Publish :)


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